Wednesday, July 24, 2013

60th Birthday Cake - Red and Black Fondant Decorations

I had a busy weekend for cakes and cupcakes...and baking when it's humid and hot in a house without A/C SUCKS!! I was up at 5am to bake so the house would have time to cool down a bit before the heat of day started.
This cake was made for a friends mom's 60th surprise birthday party! The theme for the day was black and red. Right after this 60th surprise party was another  party with Elmo as the theme. To make decorating easier we went with red and black decorations for the cake.
The cake is a 10" marble cake with chocolate filling covered in fondant with red and black fondant decorations. I was trying to go with a design that was classy and elegant but yet simple. 


When I had the cake done to this point I knew the 60 was going to go on top but it looked liked so much white space. So I added some extra black vines and flowers to help fill it in.

It still looked kind of bare so I added 'Happy Birthday' which I had to rewrite 4 times because it looked horrible. And because I had to rewrite it so many times I couldn't get all of the black edible marker off by the 'H'


I added more vines to make it look like the vines were creeping into the 'Happy Birthday'
Over all I am very happy with how it ended up turning out. I hope the Birthday Girl had a wonderful 60th Birthday.

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