Monday, May 25, 2015

Ivory Buttercream Rose Cake | Burlap Birthday Banner Topper

I was asked to make an eggless cake for a 50th birthday party. The cake was to be a simple rose cake but they wanted a 50th birthday banner as a topper. I am ALWAYS up for new challenges so I of course said I would do my best!!

This cake turned out massive!! I have only ever used my eggless cake recipe for small cakes and I was using my 11x13 pan so I wasn't exactly sure how much batter I was going to I guessed 4 times my recipe would do it as I remembered this recipe not rising as much as a regular cake....well I should have gone with 3 time the recipe!
To make the banner I used my embroidery machine and burlap. I created a design for the flags and then inserted the letters. As this was my first time doing this I learned a few things that I would definitely do differently next time!! But over all I am happy with how it turned out!!

Burlap Birthday Banner Topper

And it looked fantastic on the cake!!

Safari Themed Birthday Party | Safari Themed Cake | Safari Themed Cupcakes

 My daughter just turned 6, where has the time gone??  Seriously, it feels like I just had her!!

This year's birthday theme was SARAFI!! We went ALL out as birthday's are kind of a big deal around here!
I am ALWAYS making things for other people, cakes, shirts, outfits...whatever it is my kids usually take the back seat and that's usually because they come to me the night before asking for a shirt for school the next day :P

So we make birthday a BIG DEAL!!!!
This year Olivia had 12 KIDS at her party! Thank good ness the weather cooperated so we could be outside because I'm not sure how 12 kids would have gotten along in our tiny house!!

First the invitations!!
I used an online program to make this insanely cute invites!! A few clip art pictures and voila Safari invitations!

Next is the outfit! I found a satin Leopard print pillow case at the $1 store of all places and thought, 'Hey I can make a skirt from that!!' A few ripped seams later we were cooking!!

Here is the birthday banner that took me 6 hours to make!! I never understood why the cost so much on Etsy and then I made one and NOW I understand!!!!
The decorations where pretty simple, mostly ballons! I found some really cool helium Safari animals balloons for cheap and just filled them up with regular air!
Like seriously,  how great are these!! 

Some animal print balloons!!

We also made cute little binoculars and safari hats! The hats I grabbed from the $1 store and glued animal print ribbon around them. The binoculars are paper rolls painted black and taped together with animal print duct tape, how easy is that!!

We also made our water bottles festive by striping the paper label and putting animal print duct tape o them!!
NOW onto the CAKE!! This was suppose to be a 2 tier cake, a simple tiers and done! But we were having a family party after the kids party and were expecting 20 something people and I am ALWAYS worried I might run out of cake, image the horror of that!!!!
So we ended up going with a 3 tier cake...and I think it turn out pretty darn cute!!!
Top tier is giraffe print, middle tier is zebra and bottom is leopard! The leopard print is all hand painted, which took a while!! oh and look, another $1 pillow case as a table runner, gotta love a good find!!!

We had a little girl who has gluten and dairy allergies so we also made some cupcakes that she was able to eat. I grabbed this animals from the dollar store as well and spray painted them gold!! Super cheap decorations are AMAZING!!

  And here is the birthday Girl with her cake. I get a lump in m throat when I look at this :(
Getting too big, too fast!!!!

Olivia got a new outfit for her birthday so of course I HAD to make Hailey an animal print skirt as well :)

Ombre Buttercream Rose Cake | Girly Baby Shower | Ombre Rose Cake

I recently attended a baby shower for one of my best friends. It is her first baby and she's having a gril! Ekk I'm so excited for her!!!

I was asked to make the cake and some cake pops for the shower. Mom-to-be wanted something simple for the cake, she's not a big cake eater, but she LOVES cake pops!! and they are ALWAYS a hit at any event. I actually had to hide some so Chelsea would be able to take a few home!!!

The cake is completely iced in ombre buttercream roses with a fondant bow on top!

And here is the BEAUTIFUL Mama-to-be cutting her cake!! She's due any day now and I couldn't be more excited or happy for her :D

Mine Craft Cupcakes

My nephew just had his 8th birthday and supposedly Mine Craft is a huge deal to boys this age. I have two girls so I'm not 'up' on all that's cool with boys!!!!

He wanted some Mine Craft Cupcakes for his birthday so of course I had to make him some!!

And a Mine Craft shirt to match :D

Monster Truck Birthday Cake | Tire Cake

A friends little guy just turned 3,,,seriously where does the time go!! Carter loves trucks and diggers!!

There were only 3 requirements for this had to look like a tire, it had to have a flag with a 3 and it HAD TO HAVE CHOCOLATE ROCKS!!!!!!

AND LOOK!!! Finally a picture that isn't horrible!! I must of had good lighting haha

I also made a shirt for Carter to wear on his birthday! Check out some of my other creations at Little Birds Tutus & Boutique

Mom added a Monster truck to the top of the cake and of course EXTRA chocolate rocks!! And here his the birthday boy blowing out his candles!!!

Lime and Blue 1st Birthday Cake | Boy's 1st Birthday Cake

I always love trying new techniques on cake! Sometimes they work...and sometimes they are complete fails lol I guess that's what life's all about right, learning from our mistakes.

This cake was 100% buttercream and I attempted to do a new technique. It worked for the most part, I just messed up on piping, what else is new! Piping icing and I go together like water and oil :/ BUT I will continue to work at it until I master it!!

I WISH I would have taken a picture before I piped the lime green lines on the top tier! The stripes were PRISTINE, the BEST I have ever made using buttercream! I amazed myself...then I had to pipe the limes lines :( I made them too thin and had to go over them. Not exactly as I had envisioned for the cake but it still looked ok. The look I was going for was fondant but using buttercream...

On a happier note, I piped 'HUDSON' on the cake and it turned out better awesome considering I have the writing of a third grader lol!!

Pink and Lime Smash Cake | 1st Birthday Smash Cake

I am so incredibly blessed to work with an amazing local photographer, literally, she lives 8 minutes up the road from me, I've timed it!!

I love working with Karen Cooper from K.C Photography she is not only an AMAZINGLY talented photographer, she is an amazing friend and artistic soul like myself :)

So when Karen asked for a first birthday Smash cake I of course said YES!!!

The 8" cake is all buttercream with LOTS of icing so baby girl could get super messy!!

So below is my crappy photo of the cake lol. I REALLY should learn how to use my camera properly....some things I just don't have patience for. BUT I should really make the time and learn!!


Any here we have Karen's photo...I guess they're right when they say it's all about the lighting and talent!!
Look how adorable Little Kara is!! Mom wanted the cake to match her skirt and have a bunch of colour, hence the lime green!

And this is why we use lots and lots of buttercream on smash cakes!! The mushier the better!!
The inside of the cake was pink and white as well :)


Ivory Wedding Cake - Simple Wedding

There is something to be said about a simple cake. All one colour yet textured to give it elegant detail.
I was asked to make such a cake for a friends wedding reception! They got married last year at a destination wedding and decided to have a reception at home for all their friends and family.

The bride wanted something very simple, yet elegant. She wanted to put some fresh flowers on the cake for a punch of colour but wanted the cake to be simple.
We decided to go with a 3 tiered ivory cake with each tier being a different texture.

The 6" top tier was just smooth buttercream, the 8" middle was textured using a palate knife and the 10" third tier has some fondant stripes in ivory.


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