Monday, May 25, 2015

Ivory Buttercream Rose Cake | Burlap Birthday Banner Topper

I was asked to make an eggless cake for a 50th birthday party. The cake was to be a simple rose cake but they wanted a 50th birthday banner as a topper. I am ALWAYS up for new challenges so I of course said I would do my best!!

This cake turned out massive!! I have only ever used my eggless cake recipe for small cakes and I was using my 11x13 pan so I wasn't exactly sure how much batter I was going to I guessed 4 times my recipe would do it as I remembered this recipe not rising as much as a regular cake....well I should have gone with 3 time the recipe!
To make the banner I used my embroidery machine and burlap. I created a design for the flags and then inserted the letters. As this was my first time doing this I learned a few things that I would definitely do differently next time!! But over all I am happy with how it turned out!!

Burlap Birthday Banner Topper

And it looked fantastic on the cake!!

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