Monday, August 27, 2012

Pink and Black Horse Cake

I LOVE this cake. I was asked to make a horse themed cake for our friends daughter who was turning 4. I wasn't sure what to do with the design and found a picture that I fell in love with.

The cake is an 8" vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream. The cake is covered in fondant with fondant flowers and a buttercream boarder. My favorite part is the horse silhouette, she turned out just the way I wanted. This is such a great little girls cake. Everything is edible :)

Monkey Shower Cake

This cake is a redesign of a cake I previously made. Who doesn't love a cute little monkey??
This 8" square cake is marble with vanilla buttercream filling, dyed blue for the little baby boy who will be here soon :)
Cake is covered in fondant with fondant buttons, bow and letters. The monkey face is hand cut :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Butterfly 6th Birthday Cake

Our daughters friend had her birthday party on the weekend and I was asked to make the cake.
All she asked for was chocolate cake with no filling, purple icing, butterflies and some hearts.
I came up with this simple design to meet all her cake needs :)

The buttercream has a ruffled effect which I thought was really pretty. The letters, butterflies and hearts are all made from fondant.

Princess and the Frog

This cake was made for our friends daughters 4th birthday.
They wanted a 'Princess and the Frog' themed cake and had a picture they wanted the cake to look like.
The top  6" tier and bottom 8" are both chocolate cake filled with strawberry buttercream.

All the figurines were hand made and 100% edible. They are a few wires in them to help with support. I think the alligator is my favorite!!

I took a picture before I finished the cake, I still had to steam it and add the boarder around the 'Happy Birthday' sign.

Friday, August 10, 2012

1st Birthday Baseball Cake

One of my friends asked me to make her son's 1st birthday cake! She wan't a baseball theme and had seen a picture online of something she liked.
The cake is a 6" top and 8" bottom both marble cake filled with cookies and cream buttercream filling.
The little smash cake is vanilla cake, carved and covered in buttercream.

Both tiers are covered in buttercream icing with fondant decorations. The baseball on top is rkt covered in fondant and decorated with red buttercream icing.

The baseball 'smash cake' is made from a 6" carved vanilla cake and covered in vanilla buttercream.

88th Birthday Cake - The Famous Grouse

My husbands Grampa just turned 88! We wanted to bring him something specialwhen we went to the party so we brought the cake.

This cake was soooo rushed!The plan was to leave our house friday around 7pm - the party wasn't till sunday afternoon- so I had to bake the cakes friday morning. I pulled them from the oven at 10am and was waiting for them to cool and settle a bit before I started decorating. The phone rings at 11:30am, my wonderful husband tells me he's getting off early and wants to leave by 2pm...I think my jaw hit the floor. All I said was, 'I'll see what I can do'

I had a vision of what I wanted the cake to look like....and it didn't look like what I pictured in my head so I am kinda disappointed. But it tasted great and the birthday boy LOVED it!!

The cake was one 1/4 sheet cake cut in half, stacked and then carved. I covered it in white fondant and painted it with brown goof gel to try and get the whisky liquid effect...didn't turn out as I would have liked.

The label nearly killed grouse is very sad looking. I was laughing at myself the whole time I was drawing it...if you were here you would have thought I'd been sampling the whiskey lol.

Cake Smash Photo Shoot!! Buttercream Rose Cake

Who hasn't wanted to dig into a cake with your bare hands?? Come on I know you've probably wanted to at some point in your life!! 

Karen, a friend who is a  local photographer - btw she is AMAZING at what she does and I am so thankful to have met her!! - asked me to make a cake for a 1st birthday cake smash session she had booked in July. How could I resist such a wonderful opportunity??  I made the tutu and hair bow for the shoot as well, just another hobby that I'm totally addicted to....TULLE AND RIBBON. You can check out my facebook page and see what I've been creating, let me know what you think :) Little Birds Tutus & Boutique

Back to the cake at hand!!  Karen wanted something very girlie so I suggested doing the beautiful Buttercream Rose Cake. Nothing is more girlie to me than pink, roses and a sparkly tutu!!

Karen did such an amazing job photographing the cake...I think the picture looks better than it did in real life...though I'm told other wise :)

Here is one of the birthday girl digging into the Buttercream Rose Cake.

She is such a little doll, I love the way everything came together. Karen did an amazing job capturing the cake and the 'smashing' :) I am kinda jealous, I've always wanted to dig my hands into a big fluffy buttercream cake.

If you would like to check out some of Karen's work check out her facebook page K.C Photography

I'm looking forward to working with Karen again, so keep your eyes pealed for another cake smash post!!


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