Sunday, May 22, 2011

Floral Birthday Cake

Floral Birthday Cake

I was asked to make a simple birthday cake for a shared birthday. I was asked to make a vanilla cake with a mocha filling and covered in vanilla buttercream.
To keep things "simple" I made a pink gerber daisy with some vines and added a few littler daisy on top.

Floral Birthday Cake

Daisy's and lettering are made from fondant.

I recieved a call from the lady who ordered this cake last night. She has had some of my cake at a friends party was so really looking forward to having it again. Unfortunately the cake turned out very dense and not as she remembered. I was at a loss as to what may have happened but the only possible answer was that my leveling agent wasn't activating properly. I had just bought new baking powder so I rechecked the expiry date and low and behold it says 12/10....Since it is no longer the year 2010, dumb me, it was no longer good. Lesson learned, check and recheck expiry dates and know what year it is. This is my first complaint since I started baking cakes, I was glad she told me but dissappointed in myself. I feel horrible this happened but how does the saying go, "Live and learn"!

Olivia's 2nd Birthday Cake

2nd Birthday Monkey Cake

My baby just turned two....oh my! I still can't believe it. It feels like yesterday I was just looking into her little eyes and holding her little hands. It wasn't long before she became our little monkey :)

To go along with her nickname I decided to make a monkey cake for her.

2nd Birthday Monkey Cake

The top tier is a dummy tier made from rice krispy treats and covered in fondant.
The bottom tier is a carved 8" square chocolate cake filled with two layers of vanilla buttercream and a layer of chocolate fudge. The cake is covered in fondant and decorated with fondant flowers and dots. The monkey was hand cut.

Since I carved the 8" square cake into a round I had scrape pieces of cake. I mixed those with some icing and made them into matching cake pops for the guests.

2nd Birthday Monkey Cake
Cake Pops

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunflower Cake

fondant sunflower

This cake was made for a Stag and Doe for some friends. I was asked to make the cake to coordinate with themes for the wedding.

The 10" vanilla cake was filled with chocolate buttercream and covered in white fondant. The bow and the sunflower are made from gumpaste.

fondant sunflower

After 'finishing' the cake I thought the top looked too bare so I added two more little sunflowers to the top.

Sunflower cake

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Grease Lightening Cake

Grease Lightening Cake,fondant t-bird jacket,fondant pink ladies jacket

I was asked to make a cake for a birthday with the theme of Grease. The only request was that it have both the 'Pink Ladies' and the 'T Birds' jackets on it somewhere.
I wasn't sure where to go with the cake so I did the only logical thing, watched the movie!!

A few sketches later I finally came up with a design I liked and thought showed off the character of the movie.

Grease Lightening Cake,fondant t-bird jacket,fondant pink ladies jacket

All the detail is made from fondant with some tylose added to help give it some strength. I had to hand cut almost everything on the cake from the Grease logo, the dancers, the jackets and all the details on the 't birds' jacket. Not to mention all the tiles for the dance about time consuming but I'm happy with how it turned out!

The top tier is an 8" chocolate cake with vanilla filling and covered in vanilla buttercream. The bottom tier is a 10" vanilla cake with vanilla filling and covered in vanilla buttercream dyed pink.

Grease Lightening Cake

Grease Lightening Cake

Grease Lightening Cake

Monday, May 9, 2011

Silent Auction Cupcakes

vanilla caramel whopper crunch,after eight cupcake,oreo crumble cupcake,Kitkat delight

My friends are getting married this summer and recently had their Stag and Doe. I baked some cupcakes for them to auction off and was hoping they would make them a little money!

After Eight Cupcakes

after eight cupcake

Chocolate cupcakes topped with vanilla mint buttercream, a white chocolate flower and an after eight chocolate mint.

Vanilla Carmel Whopper Crunch Cupcakes

vanilla caramel whopper crunch

Chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream, caramel drizzel, dark chocolate chunks and a whopper.

chocolate whopper crunch

This is another variation of the above cupcake with a chocolate buttercream and whopped chunks.

Oreo Crumble Cupcake

oreo crumble cupcake

Chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream, mini marshmallows, oreo cookie crumbs and an oreo cookie.

Kitkat Delight

Kitkat delight

Chocolate cupcake topped with mocha buttercream, a chocolate flower and a kitkat bar.

Froggie Baby Shower Cake

fog cake,baby shower cake,baby boy shower cake

This cake was made for a friend who is having her first baby, a bouncing baby boy!!
The cake is vanilla and is filled with a vanilla buttercream. The frog is covered in more buttercream and decorated with buttercream and fondant.

This cake was a bit of a challenge for me. It took me awhile to plan my cuts to save as much cake as possible but still have the frog shape. The frog was based on the frog that was on the invitation.

Friday, May 6, 2011

18th Birthday Kitty Cat Cake

18th Birthday Cake,kitty cat cake

This 6" stawberry cake was filled with strawberry and vanilla buttercream.
I was asked to make a gray cat because the birthday girl has a gray male tabby cat.

18th Birthday Cake,kitty cat cake

The cat and yarn were made from modeling chocolate. The cake was covered in pink fondant with fondant letters and paw prints.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Go Deigo Go

Deigo Cake

This cake was so fun to make! I usally make my figurines from a combination of fondant and gumpaste but decided to try and make them from modeling chocolate this time. I can't believe how much easier modeling chocolate is compared to fondant/gumpaste. Deigo was so easy to make not to mention he tasted like tootsie rolls.

Deigo Cake
Deigo Cake
Deigo and baby jaguar were made from different colours of modeling chocolate. The '3' was made from fondant with gumtext added.
The cake was an 8" chocolate cake with cookies and cream mousse filling and covered in buttercream icing.

Deigo Cake

The decorations around the cake were made from both modeling chocolate and fondant.

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