Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gender Reveal Cake

I was recently asked to make a gender reveal cake for a friend which I was super excited about because it was my first one ever! AND how cool is it to know the gender of a baby when no one else does!

I didn't get any pictures of the inside but the party is over and enough time has passed now that I can say CONGRATULATIONS YOU'RE HAVING A BOY!!
 Wishing you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy and labor/delivery!!

Bob the Builder and Thomas the Train Birthday Cake | 2nd Birthday Cake

This cake took me HOURS upon hours to make!! All the figurines are hand made and 100% edible. I was asked to make a combo cake of Bob the Builder and Thomas the Train. Cake is an 8" vanilla with cookies and cream filling.

50's Poodle Skirt Cake | 60th Birthday Cake

I was asked to make a 50' s themed cake for a 60th birthday for a friends mom. I have lived down the street and grew up knowing the birthday girl so I felt very honored to be able to make her a birthday cake.
The two tiered cake was stacked and decorated to look like a poodle skirt from the 50's. The 6" top tier was vanilla cake with strawberry filling. The bottom tier was chocolate cake with cookies and cream.
Below are the two cakes before they were stacked.
The cakes stacked and doweled

I wasn't sure I was going to 'flow' the fondant without it tearing...still not 100% sure how I managed it but I did :)
All the details are fondant accept the 'bling' on the buckle. The poodle was hand made.

Hope you had a wonderful 60th birthday Anne, Cheers to many more!!

1st Birthday Cakes - Yellow and Pink 1st Brithday Cake | Blue and Stars 1st Birthday Cake

So VERY behind on MONTHS!!

I had two 1st birthday cakes to make, one for my niece and one for a friends son. It truly is amazing how fast a year goes by especially when you have a tiny little human being to compare it to.

This yellow and pink 6" cake was made for my niece's 1st birthday. The cake is covered in buttercream with fondant pearls and a fondant one. Cake was vanilla with strawberry buttercream filling.

This 6" cake was made for a friends son's 1st birthday. She has decorations in shades or blue ad burnt orange so the cake was made to match.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween Cupcakes with Chocolate Bats

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream with hand piped chocolate bats.

Super Hero Birthday Cake - The Hulk, Spiderman and Batman

This cake was so much fun to make...tons of work but so fun!! I am so happy with how it turned out.
The 8" cake was covered in a layer of buttercream, then a layer of blue fondant, then each super hero had it's own section which was covered in the coordinating coloured fondant...and then all the decorations! TONS of work but so very very worth it!!

The Birthday boy loved super hero's so of course we had to include a few different ones on the cake!

There was so much cutting to do on this cake and most of it was done by hand. The stars, the #3 and the letters are the only cutters I had. The cake board was done by hand as well. I don't have a cobble stone impression matt so I did the detailing by hand. The cake board alone took me over an hour to make.

Spiderman side
The Hulk

The Hulk fist close up

Batman close up

Top view

The cake was an 8" chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling. I hear the birthday boy loved his cake :)

1st Birthday Rainbow Ruffle Cake

A 1st birthday 10" buttercream ruffle cake with 2 dozen ruffle cupcakes!
This was actually my first time doing buttercream ruffles. I think it turned out very pretty :)

 10" rainbow buttercream ruffle cake

2 dozen rainbow buttercream ruffle cupcakes


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pink Lady Bug 1st Birthday Cake

There is nothing more satisfying than having a cake turn out exactly as I wanted it to.
With that said I love, love, love how this cake turned out! I was asked to make a Pink Lady Bug Cake for a friends daughters first birthday.
The cake is an 8" vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream filling and covered in pure white buttercream.
All accents are made from fondant

 I can't even decide which part of this cake is my favorite. I think everything from the bow, to the curls to the lady bugs!
I hope the birthday girl has a wonderful first birthday!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Double Chocolate Cake - Extremely Chocolaty Birthday Cake YUM

It was my husbands 29th Birthday yesterday and he has become a cake monster the past few months. So the kids and I decided to make him an extremely chocolaty  birthday cake. I mean this thing was a chocolate cake filled with the best chocolate filling, covered in chocolate buttercream and smothered in hand curled milk and white chocolate. This cake is a chocolate lovers delight!

AND can I just say it was delicious...I must admit it went very well with my morning coffee HAHA


Blue Jays Cupcakes for a 30th Birthday

Who doesn't love a good baseball game...or a good baseball team for that matter!!
I was asked to make some cupcakes for a 30th birthday with the Toronto Blue Jays as the theme
These cupcakes were very fun to make!  All cupcakes are chocolate with vanilla icing. All fondant decorations are edible.
All of the logo's were hand cut and hand took me a few times to get them right lol AND I have NEVER been good at drawing Maple leafs...ever!

Flying Unicorn Cake - Pegasus Cake

I love that I get to be apart of friends and family's birthdays year after year. Seeing kids faces when they see their cake is the BEST part of doing this.

Last year I made a horse themed cake for Addison's birthday. This year she graduated to flying unicorns otherwise known as a Pegasus.

It was also requested that the inside of the cake be rainbow. Rainbows and flying unicorns kind of go hand in hand in my opinion and I have been wanting to try doing a rainbow cake in one pan for awhile.
I could have baked each colour individually but that seemed very time consuming lol. One day I WILL do a total rainbow cake but for our purposes doing it all in one pan seemed to fit the bill

All the beautiful colours before they made it into the pan

Rainbow caked baked and torted...didn't turn out too bad

Cake is covered in fondant. The Pegasus'  were hand cut which took some time and just about all of my patience lol.

The bottom of the cake is hand painted to make it look like a meadow with flower accents.

Top of the cake reminds me of a riding medal :)

Hope you had a great birthday Addison!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2013 Charger Cake Car

I was asked to make a small birthday cake for a family friend awhile ago. He owns a 2013 Charger so I based the design from that :)
6" lemon cake with strawberry filling, car is made from rice krispies and covered in fondant. Best part is it is 100% edible!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Lorax Cake

This cake was VERY last minute but I L.O.V.E the way it turned out!! What kid...or adult for that matter, doesn't like The Lorax?? So when I was asked to make a cake with The Lorax theme I was very excited!!
The 8" cake is my homemade rainbow chip recipe with chocolate filling. Every decoration on this cake was hand cut except the cloud. Other than that I cut every piece by hand and hand painted the details on.
The Lorax figurine was very fun to make. He is 100% made from fondant and 100% edible!
The name was hand cut as well....I was going for the Dr. Seuss feel so I thought red with the black trim out work best.

 The bear is also fondant as are the Truffula trees.

 The Truffula tress on the top of the cake are actually cake pops which I thought was so cool and worked so well with this theme!
Doesn't this just make you want to go watch The Lorax now...'Let it grow, let it grow, like it did so long ago...'

Monday, July 29, 2013

Sundae Cupcakes / Buttercream Rose Cupcakes

These cupcakes were a donation for an auction at my friends Stag and Doe.
 Half were decorated as Sundae cupcakes and the other half were decorated with purple buttercream roses.

Sundae Cupcakes with chocolate sauce :)

Purple Buttercream Rose Cupcakes


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