Saturday, September 7, 2013

Flying Unicorn Cake - Pegasus Cake

I love that I get to be apart of friends and family's birthdays year after year. Seeing kids faces when they see their cake is the BEST part of doing this.

Last year I made a horse themed cake for Addison's birthday. This year she graduated to flying unicorns otherwise known as a Pegasus.

It was also requested that the inside of the cake be rainbow. Rainbows and flying unicorns kind of go hand in hand in my opinion and I have been wanting to try doing a rainbow cake in one pan for awhile.
I could have baked each colour individually but that seemed very time consuming lol. One day I WILL do a total rainbow cake but for our purposes doing it all in one pan seemed to fit the bill

All the beautiful colours before they made it into the pan

Rainbow caked baked and torted...didn't turn out too bad

Cake is covered in fondant. The Pegasus'  were hand cut which took some time and just about all of my patience lol.

The bottom of the cake is hand painted to make it look like a meadow with flower accents.

Top of the cake reminds me of a riding medal :)

Hope you had a great birthday Addison!!

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