Saturday, June 26, 2010

Paintball 25th Birthday Cake

This cake was made for my sister's boyfriend. He doesn't like cake much but LOVES reese's peanut butter cups so I made - with me sister's help - a reese's peanut buttercup cheese cake.
To make the cake more personalized I made a paintball helmet - which is suppose to be a paintball mask lol - out of rice crispy's and covered it in gumpaste. I also made a paintball gun and the happy birthday sign out of gumpaste.
For someone that doesn't like cake he sure lapped this cake up!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Cake

This 2 tiered cake was made for a father's day celebration for my family. Both 6" and 8" are freckled mocha cake and have a chocolate hazalnut buttercream filling. Both cakes are covered in chocolate fondant, the swirls are made of chocolate fondant and painted with edible gold paint.

This was my first time making chocolate fondant and I had A LOT of difficultly with it. I made a small batch of chocolate fondant that turned out great but when I tripled the recipe the consistency of the fondant changed. If I had more time I would have remade my fondant, I wish I would have becasue I am NOT happy with the top half of the cake. Due to the condition of the fondant -DRY- it cracked when I tried to use my impression mat...just what I needed. I tried to hide the cracks on the bottom of the top tier with a band of fondant and then I tried to paint on the diamond pattern which didn't turn out too great either. I almost smashed the top tier I was so disappointed in it...but I needed the cake. On the up side the cake was DELICIOUS!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Royal Icing Creations

Here are a few Royal Icing Creations I've done

Royal Icing Butterfly

Royal Icing Butterflies

Royal Icing Tiara with gumpaste jewels

Fondant and Gumpaste Flowers

These are just a few of the flowers I have been working on.

Fondant / Gumpaste Orchid

Fondant / Gumpaste Orchids

Fondant / Gumpaset roses

Fondant / Gumpaste Daisy

25th Birthday Cake

This 2 tiered cake was created for a friend for her 25th birthday. Her favorite colours are, purple, yellow and white. She had a picture of a cake and showed it to me, we changed the colours around and came up with this.

The bottom tier is an 8" round and the top is a 6". The cake is a Vanilla Butter Cake and filled with extra rich chocolate buttercream icing.
The cake is covered in Fondant and all decorations are also made of fondant.

Mother's Day Cake

This 2 tiered cake was created for my mom for Mother's Day. She loves blue and flowers so I came up with this idea.

The cake is a 8" square bottom with a 6" round top. The cake is a Golden Layer Cake with a layer of Chocolate Mud Cake in the middle, the filling used was Vanilla Chocolate Chip.

The cake is icied with snow white buttercream and decorated with gumpaste flowers.

1st Birthday Cake

This cake was created for my daughters 1st birthday.

The cake is an 8" round Vanilla Butter Cake filled with extra rich chocolate buttercream. It is covered in buttercream icing and is topped with a two toned pink fondant bow with a fondant 1.
The pearls on the cake are also made with fondant and covered in pearl dust. This was my fist attempt at a diamond impression, I didn't have a diamond impression mat at the time and tried to free hand the and learn.

The smash cake is also Vanilla Butter Cake and is covered in buttercream icing.

The Start of Something New

I recently started to make and decorate cakes at home.

I am a stay at home mom of a 4 year old and a 1 year old. I wanted to start doing something I enjoyed and something I could do just for me. I have always loved to bake cakes, there's nothing like adding a few ingredients together and creating something really yummy to share with family and friends.

A cake can come in many different shapes, styles and tastes. Everyone has their own unique personality, what better way to compliment that then a cake suited just for them.

The cake possibilities are endless, with a little imagination and some sugar you can create something that tastes great and looks just as amazing.

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