Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day Cake

This 2 tiered cake was made for a father's day celebration for my family. Both 6" and 8" are freckled mocha cake and have a chocolate hazalnut buttercream filling. Both cakes are covered in chocolate fondant, the swirls are made of chocolate fondant and painted with edible gold paint.

This was my first time making chocolate fondant and I had A LOT of difficultly with it. I made a small batch of chocolate fondant that turned out great but when I tripled the recipe the consistency of the fondant changed. If I had more time I would have remade my fondant, I wish I would have becasue I am NOT happy with the top half of the cake. Due to the condition of the fondant -DRY- it cracked when I tried to use my impression mat...just what I needed. I tried to hide the cracks on the bottom of the top tier with a band of fondant and then I tried to paint on the diamond pattern which didn't turn out too great either. I almost smashed the top tier I was so disappointed in it...but I needed the cake. On the up side the cake was DELICIOUS!

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