Sunday, November 14, 2010

Family Dinner

This 6" cake was made for a family dinner. I just wanted an excuse to try some new flowers I had seen online, flower is gumpaste and fondant mixed.

Fondant covered chocolate cake with vanilla and chocolate whipped filling. The fondant job on the cake is horrible, I didn't feel like making two different kinds of icing - one for filling and one for under the fondant, which is what I normally do. The filling is very light and shifts alot, hence the lumpy, bumpy fondant. But I must say the flower looks nice!

Monday, November 8, 2010

3rd Birthday Cake - Dora and Boots

This 8" square cake was made for a friend's little girl who turned three. Like many preschoolers her favorite character is Dora and Boots. With that in mind I made this cake.

The cake is a rainbow chip with a faux whipped cream vanilla filling, the torted filling layers where dyed pink, yellow and purple to make the cake a little more fun.

Dora is made from a fondant and gumpaste mix and is 100% edible. I tried to remember all of her accessories but Hailey told me I forgot to put the star pockey on bad lol. Dora turned out a bit more neanderthal than I would have liked...lesson learned, don't touch the head until it is completely dry.

Here's Backpack

Side view of Dora and Map

And my favorite character Boots.
Boots is made from a fondant and gumpaste mix aswell.

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