Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Leopard Print Cake | Leopard Birthday Outfit

I am in LOVE with this leopard print cake. It is so simple but makes such a statement!!!

I was asked to make a matching outfit, custom birthday outfits can be found at Little Birds Tutus & Boutique.

Dump Truck Cake Smash

When I ask was asked to make this cake smash cake I was so excited. I have two girly girls so being able to make things are little boys is always a treat. Especially when I know the sweet little boy.
This is Carter and he is adorable! He LOVES, like most little boys, anything to do with trucks, diggers or construction.

I honestly thought he would have just dug right into this cake but he did NOT want to get his little hands dirty lol. If I ever do this kind of cake again I would hide gummy worms in the cake so he had something to look for :)

Photo credits go to the AMAZING Karen Cooper from K.C Photography located in Muskoka, Ontario.

Purple and Blue Cake Smash | Peacock Inspired Cake Smash

I was asked to make a cake smash outfit for a client in shades of purple and blue, almost like a peacock. She then found out that I make cakes so she asked me to make a cake for her daughters 1st cake smash.

So again, I'm not a very talented photographer, as you can see lol. So I love when people send me professional pictures.

These pictures are from Raindance Photography in Barrie Ontario.
How stink'n adorable is this little peanut! Love the set up and colour scheme! It really reminds me of a Peacock!

Just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!!

 The cake smash outfit was made by me as well, Little Birds Tutus & Boutique , is my facebook page.

Blue and Grey Cake Smash | Suit Cake Smash

There is nothing more rewarding then getting professional pictures done of your work. I am truly blessed to work with an amazing photographer who is so beyond talented it's CRAZY!!
One of the best things about working with a photographer is that every client wants something different for their child's shoot.

AND there is something so adorable about watching a little one year old dive into a cake!!!

I am so NOT talented with a camera....I'm just thankful mine has an 'auto' button. I know Mr.Mckee, my grade 10 photography teacher, would be disappointed lol. One day, when I have spare time -whatever that is- I will learn my camera!!
So here's my pathetic picture of the cake

AND here's Karen's....at least she makes my work look good!!!
LOVE how this little man delicately eats his cake...kind of suits the theme, since he is in a suit.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Elmo and Cookie Monster Cake | Eggless Vanilla Cake

Last year I made a beautiful rose buttercream cake for Rylee's 1st birthday. Her mom had the most amazing set up for her girly western themed party. You can see my blog post HERE
Not long after it was discovered that Rylee has an egg sensitivity!! So this years cake had to be eggless!
I tired several different recipes trying to find the perfect one. After attempts and a few different combinations I finally found a winner!
Rylee and her cousin Olivia celebrated their birthdays together this year so the cake was made for both of them. The theme for the 8' cake was Elmo and Cookie Monster. Figurines and decorations are made from fondant.

Twin Airplane Cakes | Red and Blue Airplane Cake

I am so behind on posting it's not even funny!! I always say once I get caught up I wont let myself get behind again....never happens :/
Oh well, here we go.........
So back in December I was asked to make 2 small cakes and 2 dozen cupcakes for two sweet little boys 2nd birthday. I was lucky enough to meet these two little peanuts at their newborn photo shoot when the were just a few weeks old, check out K.C Photography as she does AMAZING work. It still blows my mind how fast kids grow and even more, how fast time goes once you have kids!!!!
The 24 cupcakes were for the boys to celebrate with all of their daycare friends.

The boys are in LOVE with airplanes because their Daddy flies them. So of course that was the 'theme' for their cakes and as with most twins it was VERY necessary for them to have their own cake. Sharing is caring BUT so hard when you're little!!
Each cake was a small 6" with fondant decorations. The airplanes were made from carved rice krispies  and covered in fondant. How cool to be two and have your very own edible airplane!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Classic, Elegant Rose Cake - Gumpaste Rose

Though this cake was little, only a 6", it took me hours to make! All the petals on the outside of the cake are made from gumpaste. They were cut, then using an impression mat, veined and then each edge of every petal was rolled to make them look realistic. I had to make the pedals a few days in advance as the cake had to be refrigerated and I didn't want the pedals to go limp from any moisture in the fridge.
The gumpaste rose topper was made the same way as the petals on the sides of the cake. I had to make each petal individually and then bend and attach it to the rose.

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