Friday, May 25, 2012

Winnie-the-Pooh 2nd Birthday Cake

I was asked to make a Winnie-the-Pooh themed cake for a friends daughters 2nd birthday. I wasn't really sure where to go with the design for the cake as it was a small 6" round...which doesn't give you a lot of space to decorate...especially with what I had in mind lol

So I went with the basics, Winnie and his buddy piglet, some flowers and of course a honey pot with some bees. I'm happy with how Pooh bear turned out but I had an unfortunate accident with my first piglet which I loved and he was...well...garbage :( My second one isn't as nice...might have been because I was a wee bit frustrated I had to remake him. I also got some awesome edible sparkles which I'm in love with and want to use on everything...but I figured I'd only glitterize the 2 :)

Ballerina 3rd Birthday Cake

My baby girl just turned 3...tears...She couldn't decide on what she wanted for her cake...she went from spiders to monkeys and finally decided on a ballerina theme...ok well I kind of influenced her alittle.
I really wanted to make another figurine lol

I wanted the main focus to be the ballerina as she took a bit of time to make so I made the rest of the cake simple.

I'm really happy how the ballerina figurine turned out. I'm still working on getting them to look 'real' but I'm making progress :) The cake was chocolate with chocolate ganache and cookies and cream filling...YUMMY!! The cake was covered a very ght pink fondant with pastel coloured flowers around the ballerina.

Shower Cake for Ryker

This cake was made for one of my closest friends. We have shared so much over the years from going to school, to weddings, to kids. I was so happy to be able to make this cake for her. The nursery theme was monkeys/junglish so I based the cake on that.

Both 6" and 8" cakes were chocolate with cookies and cream per requested by the Mama :)

All decorations are fondant and 100% edible. I just bought a new button mould so I wanted to use it on the cake.
My amazing friend recently had her son, Ryker Thomas Danger Kaye weighing in at 7 lbs 5oz. He is adorable and I love him so much!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Owl Shower Cake

This cake was created for a friend who is due to have her baby in early May...hopefully soon :) They don't know the sex of the baby so I tried to make the cake as gender neutral as possible. I wasn't sure what to do for the design of the cake so I showed a few pictures to Megan and she really liked a two tiered owl cake. They only needed one cake so I did my best to incorporate both tiers into the one cake.

The 8" cake is chocolate with vanilla filling. The owls are hand cut and all decorations are fondant. I tried to 'frame' the owls with a do you think it turned out??

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