Sunday, May 22, 2011

Floral Birthday Cake

Floral Birthday Cake

I was asked to make a simple birthday cake for a shared birthday. I was asked to make a vanilla cake with a mocha filling and covered in vanilla buttercream.
To keep things "simple" I made a pink gerber daisy with some vines and added a few littler daisy on top.

Floral Birthday Cake

Daisy's and lettering are made from fondant.

I recieved a call from the lady who ordered this cake last night. She has had some of my cake at a friends party was so really looking forward to having it again. Unfortunately the cake turned out very dense and not as she remembered. I was at a loss as to what may have happened but the only possible answer was that my leveling agent wasn't activating properly. I had just bought new baking powder so I rechecked the expiry date and low and behold it says 12/10....Since it is no longer the year 2010, dumb me, it was no longer good. Lesson learned, check and recheck expiry dates and know what year it is. This is my first complaint since I started baking cakes, I was glad she told me but dissappointed in myself. I feel horrible this happened but how does the saying go, "Live and learn"!

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