Monday, May 25, 2015

Lime and Blue 1st Birthday Cake | Boy's 1st Birthday Cake

I always love trying new techniques on cake! Sometimes they work...and sometimes they are complete fails lol I guess that's what life's all about right, learning from our mistakes.

This cake was 100% buttercream and I attempted to do a new technique. It worked for the most part, I just messed up on piping, what else is new! Piping icing and I go together like water and oil :/ BUT I will continue to work at it until I master it!!

I WISH I would have taken a picture before I piped the lime green lines on the top tier! The stripes were PRISTINE, the BEST I have ever made using buttercream! I amazed myself...then I had to pipe the limes lines :( I made them too thin and had to go over them. Not exactly as I had envisioned for the cake but it still looked ok. The look I was going for was fondant but using buttercream...

On a happier note, I piped 'HUDSON' on the cake and it turned out better awesome considering I have the writing of a third grader lol!!

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