Monday, May 25, 2015

Pink and Lime Smash Cake | 1st Birthday Smash Cake

I am so incredibly blessed to work with an amazing local photographer, literally, she lives 8 minutes up the road from me, I've timed it!!

I love working with Karen Cooper from K.C Photography she is not only an AMAZINGLY talented photographer, she is an amazing friend and artistic soul like myself :)

So when Karen asked for a first birthday Smash cake I of course said YES!!!

The 8" cake is all buttercream with LOTS of icing so baby girl could get super messy!!

So below is my crappy photo of the cake lol. I REALLY should learn how to use my camera properly....some things I just don't have patience for. BUT I should really make the time and learn!!


Any here we have Karen's photo...I guess they're right when they say it's all about the lighting and talent!!
Look how adorable Little Kara is!! Mom wanted the cake to match her skirt and have a bunch of colour, hence the lime green!

And this is why we use lots and lots of buttercream on smash cakes!! The mushier the better!!
The inside of the cake was pink and white as well :)


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