Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blue and Grey Cake Smash | Suit Cake Smash

There is nothing more rewarding then getting professional pictures done of your work. I am truly blessed to work with an amazing photographer who is so beyond talented it's CRAZY!!
One of the best things about working with a photographer is that every client wants something different for their child's shoot.

AND there is something so adorable about watching a little one year old dive into a cake!!!

I am so NOT talented with a camera....I'm just thankful mine has an 'auto' button. I know Mr.Mckee, my grade 10 photography teacher, would be disappointed lol. One day, when I have spare time -whatever that is- I will learn my camera!!
So here's my pathetic picture of the cake

AND here's Karen's....at least she makes my work look good!!!
LOVE how this little man delicately eats his cake...kind of suits the theme, since he is in a suit.

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