Thursday, October 6, 2011

Skull Cake

So one of my very best friends asked me to make a skull cake for her husband's birthday. She sent me a picture of one she found and asked me to make 'something along those lines'

Skull Cake

I was going for the human skull look but the cake turned out to be more of a neanderthal look lol. The jaw juts out too far and the shape of the head is kind of off.

From the start I wasn't sure how I was going to accomplish this cake, I've made a few carved cakes but nothing like this. The cake I used was a really fluffy chocolate first mistake...I should have used a denser cake which would help hold the shape. Second mistake, which I have done before and will hopefully remember for next time, is to make all features more pronounced as once the fondant goes on the details get hidden. I should have made the eye sockets, epecially the bottoms, thicker.

Skull Cake

For my first attempt it's not too bad, I'm happy with it. The teeth were a nightmare to do...but again a first. The cake is 2 6" square chocolate cakes and one 6" round chocolate cake...I probably carved away 1/2 of the cake. It is filled with cookies and cream buttercream.

Hope you like it Matty, alot of swearing went into this cake!
Happy Birthday LOL!!!!!!!!

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