Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Little Pony Cake | Rainbow Dash Cake | Girls 5th Birthday Cake | My Little Pony Party

My youngest daughter just turned the BIG 5!!!! She is so in love with My Little Pony especially Rainbow Dash!
Not only was this her 5th birthday it was her first birthday that she got to invite her school friends! She was so excited to celebrate her birthday with all her favorite people.

My challenge was to pull off a fun party for 5 year olds, one with a peanut allergy and not break the bank!!

First thing I figured out were the games! The kids really loved both games but the balloon pop game was the favorite! We put little erasers, Jolly Ranchers, My Little Pony Tattoos and some peanut free hard candies into the balloons and blew them up. We pinned them on a cork board and each child got to pop two balloons. If you do this let the balloons sit out in the sun for 20 mins or so before you start popping them...it makes them WAY easier to pop. We used a magic wand with a tac hot glued to the end to pop the balloons.
 Pin the tail on Rainbow Dash. I printed a large picture of Rainbow Dash and taped it all together and got my Daughter to colour it in. I bought curly ribbons that you put on presents and taped them onto magnets!
We had a house full of people and it was sunny out, a little chilly but sunny so we had the party mostly outside!

I used mason jars and filled them with water and used food gels to dye the water into different colors. I bought some white daisies and VoilĂ  simple center pieces. I also hit up the Bulk Bran and bought some rainbow candies and rainbow twizzlers which are peanut free!!
I also made Pony ears and unicorn horn headbands for all the kids to wear at the party.

 Rainbow fruit tray!!

Rainbow Cupcakes - Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream with rainbow sugar licorice.
The birthday girl in her shirt that I made with her rainbow cupcake :)

Here is he beautiful birthday girl in her custom made Rainbow Dash outfit with the ears and horn we made. Little Birds Tutus & Boutique, which is my other little side business, made the tutu set

This is the cake that I made for the family party we had later in the evening. The 8" cake is a chocolate chip cake with vanilla buttercream filling. The rainbow balls around the outside are gum balls, the rainbow on top is fondant and the pony on top is one of Olivia's figurines.


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