Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cinderella Birthday Cake

This cake took me hours to make but I am SOOO HAPPY with how it turned out! It is totally a princess cake fit for a princess :)

I was given the doll by my friend so all I had to do was make the 'dress' and all the figurines. The cake is my homemade perfected lemon recipe with raspberry buttercream filling. All the figurines are fondant and make with tons of L.O.V.E

The top part of Barbie is her actual body suit, but I added the puff sleeves, the necklace and the hairband. The dress is the actual cake! This was my first attempt at a Barbie cake so I am very pleased with a results...I def learned a few things in the process!!

Sizing Barbie up
Jack and Gus Gus
Jack and Gus took me hours to make! I love how Gus Gus turned out, Jack's alright lol
and for all my friends who have known me FOREVER...yes I still have kids writing lol...looks a tad better is buttercream :P




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