Monday, March 9, 2015

Twin Airplane Cakes | Red and Blue Airplane Cake

I am so behind on posting it's not even funny!! I always say once I get caught up I wont let myself get behind again....never happens :/
Oh well, here we go.........
So back in December I was asked to make 2 small cakes and 2 dozen cupcakes for two sweet little boys 2nd birthday. I was lucky enough to meet these two little peanuts at their newborn photo shoot when the were just a few weeks old, check out K.C Photography as she does AMAZING work. It still blows my mind how fast kids grow and even more, how fast time goes once you have kids!!!!
The 24 cupcakes were for the boys to celebrate with all of their daycare friends.

The boys are in LOVE with airplanes because their Daddy flies them. So of course that was the 'theme' for their cakes and as with most twins it was VERY necessary for them to have their own cake. Sharing is caring BUT so hard when you're little!!
Each cake was a small 6" with fondant decorations. The airplanes were made from carved rice krispies  and covered in fondant. How cool to be two and have your very own edible airplane!!

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