Friday, August 10, 2012

Cake Smash Photo Shoot!! Buttercream Rose Cake

Who hasn't wanted to dig into a cake with your bare hands?? Come on I know you've probably wanted to at some point in your life!! 

Karen, a friend who is a  local photographer - btw she is AMAZING at what she does and I am so thankful to have met her!! - asked me to make a cake for a 1st birthday cake smash session she had booked in July. How could I resist such a wonderful opportunity??  I made the tutu and hair bow for the shoot as well, just another hobby that I'm totally addicted to....TULLE AND RIBBON. You can check out my facebook page and see what I've been creating, let me know what you think :) Little Birds Tutus & Boutique

Back to the cake at hand!!  Karen wanted something very girlie so I suggested doing the beautiful Buttercream Rose Cake. Nothing is more girlie to me than pink, roses and a sparkly tutu!!

Karen did such an amazing job photographing the cake...I think the picture looks better than it did in real life...though I'm told other wise :)

Here is one of the birthday girl digging into the Buttercream Rose Cake.

She is such a little doll, I love the way everything came together. Karen did an amazing job capturing the cake and the 'smashing' :) I am kinda jealous, I've always wanted to dig my hands into a big fluffy buttercream cake.

If you would like to check out some of Karen's work check out her facebook page K.C Photography

I'm looking forward to working with Karen again, so keep your eyes pealed for another cake smash post!!


  1. You are amazing!! Thank you so much! :D I am so thankful we met, became friends and have done business together! You are the best and so amazingly talented! xo



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